"[Y]ou don’t have to ride a pony to love them. And you certainly don’t need a pony to be a Pony Pal." -accomplished author and pansophical haruspex Jeanne Betancourt

(fyi, this is the Detective Pony update I was talking about. Click the image to get to the real announcement in a new tab.)

"[Y]ou don’t have to ride a pony to love them. And you certainly don’t need a pony to be a Pony Pal." -accomplished author and pansophical haruspex Jeanne Betancourt

(fyi, this is the Detective Pony update I was talking about. Click the image to get to the real announcement in a new tab.)

Can you tag that Karkat one for suicide or implied suicide please, or am I reading the last line wrong? The context is super vague

Shoot, sorry about that, I should have been more on the ball. Thanks for pointing it out to me!

Is there a submissions guideline?

Not really, no. Sonnets and parodies/imitations of famous poems are what I get most often, but I accept any other format of poem as well. I guess the only limitations are that they should be related to Homestuck, and should be, y’know, poems. Oh, and they should probably be longer than a single haiku, but shorter than a thousand-line epic. Other than that, go nuts.

I try to give the authors as much control over their submissions as possible, so if you have any requests about how I should credit you, what format you’d like it in, if you want a little note at the beginning/end, or anything like that, just let me know. If I think a poem would benefit from it, I’ll sometimes make an image to go with it, but if I do, I’ll run it by the poet for approval before I publish it. I’ll try to fix any typos or punctuation/formatting errors, but even in those cases, I’ll ask the poet for permission before editing a single character. (I’m still bearing a decade-old grudge at the Neopets poetry contest for changing “prophesy” to “prophesize” in one of my poems. It threw my rhyme off, and “prophesize” isn’t even a real word. Freakin’ Neopets.)

One final word about submissions: I’ve got a pretty sizable backlog of them to go through at the moment, and I want to post them in the order they were received. Which means that anything someone submits now probably won’t be show up on the blog for at least a few weeks. I’m familiar with the “did Tumblr eat my ask?” paranoia, though, so don’t hesitate to send me a “did you get it?” message if you’re worried.

Karkat Vantas

Rewrite of “Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Whenever Karkat Vantas came inside,  
We people in the main room looked at him: 
He was an angry kid from horn to hide,   
Exhausted, and irritatingly grim.    
And he was always vexedly portrayed,
And he was always forward when he talked; 
But still he provoked tempers when he said,   
"JUST FUCK OFF," and he bristled when he walked.    
And he was proud—yes, prouder than Condesce,   
Until the day came he found the cancer:
In fine, we thought self-hate was defense
To make us resign the search for an answer.
So on we trained, and waited for the fight,  
And went without our friends, and cursed their deaths; 
And Karkat Vantas, our glib solace in spite,
Took his sickle to his neck with one last breath.

-submitted by msd (no Tumblr account)


So first, and most of all, I’m sorry. Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long and not leaving you any sort of post or message telling you I’d be gone. I know that it bothers me when blogs I follow just vanish like that, and I hate that I did it to you guys. Also, I don’t want to sound self-important, but if any of you were concerned about my wellbeing because of my sudden disappearance, I sincerely apologize for making you worry. I’m sure a lot of you know how it is, though; you don’t update your blog [or return an email or fulfill a social obligation or whatever else it is] for a while, then feel guilty about it, which makes it harder to bring yourself to do the thing, which makes you put it off more, which makes you feel more guilty… Rinse and repeat for a year and a half, and here we are.

I won’t dwell any more on apologies, because that’ll make it harder to post even this. But one last time: Sorry.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about good stuff! This blog probably isn’t going to be as active as it used to be at its peak, but I do have plans for it! A bit of personal background: I recently graduated from college (school-related stress and busyness was a big factor in my lack of updates, actually), and I’m making a concerted effort to work more on creative writing to keep myself sharp and to counteract the monotonous and discouraging nature of the job hunt. As part of this effort, I’m going to try to work on several projects related to this blog. I don’t know what the pace of them will be, but I’ll try my hardest to put out at least one post of some kind per week. These projects are:

1. Completing poems that I’d started but never finished. I have a few half-done poems (some sonnets, some much longer pieces) lying around, and I’ll try to finish them, or at least get them to a presentable state.

2. Write new poems. Self-explanatory.

3. Write new Homestuck-related fiction/essays? Note the question mark, but it’s something that might happen. As I mentioned, I want to do a thing a week, and I’m sure there’ll be weeks when I don’t have any poetic inspiration but I’ll have something else that I want to write.

4. Post follower submissions. I’ve gotten maybe a half dozen submitted sonnets while I’ve been gone, and I feel terribly guilty that I haven’t done anything with them. So I’ll be putting them up, spread over the course of a few weeks so each of them gets the individual attention it deserves.

5. MYSTERY PROJECT. I’ll make a separate post about this one later, because it’s too complex to explain concisely. I don’t want to give it away here, but I will say that the subject of the project rhymes with “Shmetective Shmony.”

I think that’s about it. I’m going to try really hard to make this semi-comeback stick, because I’ve seen tons of blogs come off hiatus, produce a burst of new content, and then go permanently silent, and I don’t want that to happen here. But if I do shift back into hiatus-mode, I promise that I’ll keep you in the loop and not repeat my vanishing act. And keep an eye out for my Detective Pony announcement/plans in the next few days.

Apples and Dates: a Poem in Seven Sapphic Stanzas







Are we allowed to use the poems you write for school things? Your poetry is so great it rhymes and is Homestuck? Sign me up.

First of all, I’m so, so sorry for forgetting to answer this for so long!

And to answer your question, absolutely, go for it. Just be sure to cite the poem properly if you’re using in in a formal essay (just like you’d do with any internet source). But if you’re just reciting it for an acting class or talent show or something casual, go ahead and use it however you want.